Thursday, 18 September 2014

Asalamu alykum people I'm reviving this blog... Ive had some ill health in past months.. May Allah give me and others shifa ameen..

 Summer has come but still remains with us in these early weeks of autumn. yeahh... I'm just happy for the bright sun rays that shoots between my curtains in the morning. It always helps me to spring out of bed. What better way to get back from being ill than enjoying the warm weather. The beautiful glistening sun, the smell of freshly cut grass and the wonderful breeze which flaps my hijab from side to side. I' m finally recovering from nausea, vomiting and extreme fatigue that held me hostage for months. So this continual bright weather and the excitement of the birth of my unborn child getting closer, fills me with so much hope and joy. Allah is great and full of mercy and kindness for helping me through this tough period Alhamdulilah. As the people of the city enjoy the last opportunity to sun bathe, drinking ice cold beverages and relaxing on their garden chairs, me and the kids enjoy some much loved bug hunting in any green space we can find. We've been doing some outdoor activities as a family. I got this cheap exploring kit from the local store and off we go.. Climbing trees, looking at different types of trees and observing nature all around. Rolling down grassy hills (not me of course, with my big bump) and playing in bushes. These all remind me of my childhood... and i guess thats the beauty of having kids, they help you go back to being that kid again..:))

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