Thursday, 18 September 2014

Asalamu alykum people I'm reviving this blog... Ive had some ill health in past months.. May Allah give me and others shifa ameen..

 Summer has come but still remains with us in these early weeks of autumn. yeahh... I'm just happy for the bright sun rays that shoots between my curtains in the morning. It always helps me to spring out of bed. What better way to get back from being ill than enjoying the warm weather. The beautiful glistening sun, the smell of freshly cut grass and the wonderful breeze which flaps my hijab from side to side. I' m finally recovering from nausea, vomiting and extreme fatigue that held me hostage for months. So this continual bright weather and the excitement of the birth of my unborn child getting closer, fills me with so much hope and joy. Allah is great and full of mercy and kindness for helping me through this tough period Alhamdulilah. As the people of the city enjoy the last opportunity to sun bathe, drinking ice cold beverages and relaxing on their garden chairs, me and the kids enjoy some much loved bug hunting in any green space we can find. We've been doing some outdoor activities as a family. I got this cheap exploring kit from the local store and off we go.. Climbing trees, looking at different types of trees and observing nature all around. Rolling down grassy hills (not me of course, with my big bump) and playing in bushes. These all remind me of my childhood... and i guess thats the beauty of having kids, they help you go back to being that kid again..:))

Sunday, 9 February 2014


I recently had one of the most inspirational experience of Allah's creation. A very rare experience that I don't even remember when I Last witnessed, but every time I do I am left with goosebumps,shivers down my spine and a jaw that can't seem to lift for a good 10 minutes.

Walking past a patch of grass on a lifeless winters afternoon, what seemed like a dark cloud had caught the side of my eye. I soon realised it was'nt a dark cloud that hovered over me, but rather a fascinating, mesmorising display of perfectly synchronised flying by a flock of birds.

 A unison of hundreds of twisting and turning flock of starling. Perfectly coordinating every movement as they whirl and swoop from one side of the sky to the other. This experience that I've previously taken for granted made me stand still and look up with awe. It humbles me and I reflect on their precise timing, their artistic display and most importantly how there is no collision during their performance.

 you would expect that it left me speechless but rather I am left limited to one short but powerful statement

"subhanalah" repeating it over and over to myself out of shock.. shock of the beauty I see before me. I come to the inevitable conclusion that these extraordinary collective movements are triggered only by the creator. subhanalah.

Friday, 7 February 2014

"yummy worms"

I've always loved magpies for some reason which I'm not too sure. I have fond memories of looking out my classroom window in primary school and seeing magpies hopping around on the grass. Like one morning, I was ment to be practicing my joined up writing with my new fountain pen. My teacher was very perticular on handwriting and as I tried my very best, I noticed a magpie out of the window. "good morning Mr. Magpie", I whispered to myself, hoping no one heard. I loved observing them and imagining what they were going to do next and what converstions they would have with each other. Yes... I was one of those children...  :)

  Now I have grown and I have my own children, I notice the same imaginative thoughts coming from them and I love it. Seeing this in my children allows me to be that child again. Airing out all those thoughts that usually stay in my head.     Those thoughts that Adults would probably raise an eyebrow if they heard them, due their wackiness .   Ameera and Ibrahiim (my munchkins) run wild with their thoughts of Mr and Mrs Magpie who live on a nest in a tree next to our house. The magpie family pick up caterpillers and worms from a field not too far away and soon they fly right back to their nest. Their littlings are waiting patiently for their food.   Our imagination gets carried away and we image Mr and Mrs pagpie inviting us for tea.

   Knock, knock at the door of the magpies. "come in, we have been waiting for you", says mr. Magpie. "what would you like. We have tea and a plate of yummy worms" said mrs. Magpie.   Ameera explains "mmm, worms are delicious with salad cream on top, it will taste scrumptious"   I continue to ask them questions to broaden their thinking and its just nice to hear their ideas. Some made up inspired by their creativity and others from what they see in their lives.   I hope to encourage my children to embrace their imaginative tendencies and create more opportunities for them to expand on these imaginations. Even in small things. I intend to surround them with nature to help them, explore new places and cultures. Helping them to step into new worlds through reading and story telling. To allow them to lead the way during play and finally I'm going to try my best to stop being "busy" and spend more one to one time. "Increasing imagination in our kids increases their creativity". Who know where the next imagination will take us?? In space or even under the deep blue sea.

Friday, 10 January 2014

Put it under the carpet for now

Today I was at work and a young girl in her early 20's came in and frantically asked me for some painkillers. I asked her "what sort of pain is it for?" and she explained about "the most horrendous toothache ever". This actually took me back to when my wisdom tooth were coming out and how I suffered. It felt like half of my head was gonna blow up with pain and drop off (exaggeration, I know) and I would run to my mums room complaining, at the riped age of 17. But yeah getting back to the young lady's conversation, I suggested a solution for her pain and adviced her to see a dentist to help with the underlying problem. She insisted " I never have time to see the dentist, I'll keep having breaks in between painkillers".

 Another person came in on the same day asking for caffiene tablets and drinking red bull (energy drinks) and as we talked, it became apparant that he works hard during the week and plays hard at the weekend and does'nt have time to relax. These help him get by and without them he said "I'd be lost". I could'nt help to think what the over load of caffiene over a long period would do to his body and mind, but I guess his lifestyle is the source of the problem. And it made me wonder how many of us  nowadays overuse short term things to cover up underlying issues in our lives. Medicines are but one, Maybe a shopping spree where we 'shop till we drop' will lift us up. The joy of getting a nice pair of shoes and a cute bag hanging from your arm will numb the pain. That shopping spree did the job for a while, so you'll set a date next week too, even if you don't have the finances. Maybe a few pieces of cake and dont forget that tripple chocolate one too, to forget your problems, or maybe meeting a group of sisters for a rant and rave could be the solution to that emptiness you feel your heart, even if turns into backbitting and slander.

Some of these thing may not be bad for us but what if we over use them to suppress our problems in life and we overuse them in order to deter us from dealing with the real issues at hand. And like the later example (backbitting, slander), these short term solutions can make things worse for us and create more problems.  'Putting problems under the carpet and spraying fabreeze on it once in a while does'nt sort it, even if the ever convincing lady on the advert wants to to think that way'    

Friday, 3 January 2014

My role model

Suratul Maryam has a special place in my heart. Subhanalah its beautiful words suffice me in so many ways. I love the way the surah flows and ryhmes at the end of each ayah and sheikh sudais's recitation magnifies its beauty even more. Its quite a long surah so I'll share with you just some of the joy I get from it. First of all it's quite relevant to revisit the surah during this christmas period where the islamic view of Maryam and Isa (alayhi salaam) is distorted and our tawheed is at risk of contamination. There are so many lesson from it including;

*The power of dua, and how we should'nt turn our backs on it. Making dua for small things to even big things you think could never happen, which reminds me of a sister who doctors told that she could never concieve, but by the will of Allah and her continual dua, Allah granted her children. This brings me to the next point

*Allah's infinite power to create and do anything he wills. We sometimes get the illusion that in this dunya, great powers like Obama and his side kicks have TRUE power, but really... Allah the Almighty is the khaaliq (The creator) and non has power nor might except with him.

 * The hikmah behind keeping silent

 *The mercy of Allah on his believing and obedient servants and there are so many more lessons, However what intrigues me about this surah is a special, beautiful, chaste, pure and patient woman that Allah subhaana wata'la has chosen above his creation for a great test. The test was tailor made for her by our creator beause he was all aware of her abilities and her refined character. A woman whom Allah says in another surah;
And [mention] when the angels said, “O Mary, indeed God has chosen you and purified you and chosen you above the women of the worlds.  O Mary, be devoutly obedient to your Lord and prostrate and bow with those bow [in prayer].’” (Quran 3:42-43).

 Maryam's character (peace be upon her) and her strong connection to Allah is what makes her so special to me. Her trust and total reliance in Allah and her acceptance that this is what the Almighty has decreed for her, even though she was afraid what people were going to say. This is highly inspirational. Subhanalah and in return Allah had extended his mercy and kindness upon her. He comforted and reassured her during one of the most difficult times of a woman's life (labour).

 And the pains of childbirth drove her to the trunk of a palm tree. She said, "oh, I wish I had died before this and was in oblivion, forgotten" (19:23). But he called her from below and told her, "do not grieve; your lord has provided beneath you a stream"(19:24) "And shake toward you the trunk of the palm tree;it will drop upon you ripe, fresh dates."(19:25) "So eat and drink and be contented......(19:26) I'm just trying to imagine what that would of felt like during my labours, to have the words of Allah directly comforting and reassuring me. Subhanalah. Just image that sisters... We can learn so much from this wonderful woman in this surah and in others. I guess she's not the most honourable woman for no reason and one day, I hope to meet her in jannah. Inshaa Allah♥♥

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Step back don't take over me

I have it stained all over me
on my odour,
I eat it,
I sweat it,
I promised myself that I wouldn't get attached to it.

Its growing all over like poison ivy,
rapped its hands around me,
claws firmly attached,
suffocating me,
I'm lost drowning in you,
slowly submitting to you,

I lean forward obeying you,
my head slowly bowing down to you,
when did you seep into my soul?
when did your roots spread out so wide?

This five letter word,
call it d-u-n-y-a
call it w-o-r-l-d
has slowly crept on me,
step back don't take over me.

Sometimes we get so side tracked in all the worldly things, getting caught up in its madness...